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"Hey, What About ME?! is a timely subject for pharmacists today. The strategies for taking care of ourselves in the fast pace of daily pharmacy practice were enthusiastically received. From the evaluations come these comments … 'one speaker (Vivian) made it all worthwhile.' 'Most valuable about the convention: Vivian Quiring techniques to manage stress.' 'Vivian was great! I am going to pay more attention to taking care of ME!'"

Carol Dunham, Conference Organizer,
Indiana Pharmacists Alliance

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Why Vivian?
  Hey, What About ME?!
Today, pharmacists face tremendous challenges and pressures, both professionally and personally. The focus is on taking care of business and of others, often neglecting your own needs. This fun-filled, relaxing session is packed with practical “energy-booster” and “stress-buster” strategies. It emphasizes the importance of taking care of yourself so that you have the energy and stamina to do what you need and want to do in these changing times.

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UP Your Energy!
All of us want to have high energy to ensure that we can do and be our best. Yet many uncontrollable factors around us rob us of energy. Specific, easy-to-implement tips and tools will help you practice daily energizers, control energy allocation, and build and maintain energy levels. The result? Less stress, more energy, greater life satisfaction! This shorter version of Hey, What About ME?! is ideal for a conference keynote.

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It's About Time
How can pharmacists and dispensary staff better utilize their time to meet increasing demands? Both “time-wasters” and “minute-savers" are identified to meet the unique challenges of managing time in the pharmacy. This interactive workshop is an opportunity to learn from and to share ideas with peers.

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Mastering Self-Management
To effectively manage responsibilities, the successful person must also master the art of self-management: maximize internal resources, minimize external aggravations and balance activities for greater reward and life satisfaction.

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