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"Comments from participants were, without exception, highly complimentary. Your professionalism, ability to motivate and relevant interjections kept their interest and provided a high quality learning experience. Your session ranked as the highlight of the week’s program."

Charles E. Fleming, Director Corporate Management T&D, ScotiaBank


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Communicate for Results!
Effective communication requires skills that help get the desired outcome without making the other person wrong. It includes standing up for yourself and setting limits in ways that enhance chances of getting results without jeopardizing your position or the relationship. These skills will increase your effectiveness and satisfaction both in your personal life and the workplace.

Shorter, related programs include:

It's Not Just WHAT You Say, It's HOW You Say It
Maximize non-verbal elements to support your message and convey ideas with more impact and credibility.

A Better Way To Say It
Learn how to replace habitual words and phrases with better ones. Reduce misunderstanding, increase co-operation and improve relationships.

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WIN-WIN Customer Service Skills: How to take care of challenging customers AND yourself
Customers are the life blood of any organization … and while all customers (both external and internal) are important and our goal is to look after their needs, it isn’t always easy. Emotionally-charged situations, unreasonable requests, time constraints and increased workplace demands all add to the challenge. In these situations, we must find effective ways to look after the customer while also looking after ourselves.

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Polishing Your Presentation Skills
No skill is more critical to success than the ability to present ideas and information concisely, clearly and persuasively. Whether sitting around a table in a meeting or standing before a group, whether for a few minutes or a full day, speaking in front of a group is one of the most effective ways to gain results and visibility in an organization.

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Maximize Your Message - no matter what the medium
Voice and email messages, written reports, verbal presentations, discussions at meetings or in day-to-day activities - whatever the medium, you need effective ways to get your message across. Whatever your position and responsibilities, these practical strategies and attention-getting techniques will help you get the results you want.

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Hey, What About ME?!
Today, we face tremendous challenges and pressures, both professionally and personally. The focus is on taking care of business and of others, often neglecting our own needs. This fun-filled, relaxing session is packed with practical “energy-boosters” and “stress-busters”. It emphasizes the importance of taking care of yourself so that you have the energy and stamina to do what you need and want to do in these changing times.

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UP Your Energy!
All of us want to have high energy to ensure that we can do and be our best. Yet many uncontrollable factors around us rob us of energy. Specific, easy-to-implement tips and tools to will help you practice daily energizers, control energy allocation, and build and maintain energy levels. The result? Less stress, more energy, greater life satisfaction!

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Maximize Energy for Peak Performance  
Today's world is one of accelerating change, competition and challenge. The successful person understands and implements the characteristics of peak performers while maximizing internal resources and minimizing external aggravations. Implementing these techniques will increase energy as well as improve performance.

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Getting from HERE to THERE - Moving with Change
Changes in every workplace will continue to escalate in the future. Most people agree that moving in new directions is crucial for prosperity and, in some cases, survival. They are looking for practical “how-to-do-it” guidance. This program provides skills, knowledge and motivation to take advantage of opportunities and move forward in these changing and challenging times.

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