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Workshops for Pharmacy -

Customization for all practice areas of pharmacy and for support staff:

  • Vivian will spend time with you to plan a highly successful program that is customized to your objectives.
  • She is also constantly developing new programs to address current issues and challenges.
  • Programs vary in length, depending on your needs.

To discuss your specific needs for customization of one of the following programs or to create a new program, contact Vivian.

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Professional Development (click here for program descriptions)
  • How To Respond When a Medication Error Occurs
  • Above and Beyond Dispensing: How to explain the value of the services and request compensation 
    This can be divided into 2 shorter programs:
    1. From Free to Fee
    2. Patient Care Services: How to request payment from cash-paying patients
  • Meeting the Challenge of Change
  • Marketing Yourself and Your Profession

Applied Communication (click here for program descriptions)

  • What Do You Say When…?
  • How to Defuse Anger - an Escalating Challenge
  • Communicate for Results!
  • Maximize Your Message - no matter what the medium
  • Polishing Your Presentation Skills

Self-Management (click here for program descriptions)

  • Hey, What About ME?!
  • UP Your Energy!
  • It’s About Time
  • Mastering Self-Management


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