Five Reasons to Spend a Weekend in Newcastle

Newcastle is located at the Tyne riverbank. A prosperous and developed city, it is one of the most visited holiday destinations in the United Kingdom. Not only does it provide state of the art tourist amenities, but also high-end entertainment facilities for young and old alike. A Weekend in Newcastle is ideal for a short holiday for the following reasons:

Comfort Accommodation

To spend a great Weekend in Newcastle, you have to have good accommodation. The choices vary here in price, facilities, and proximity to the city’s entertainment districts. The weekends are not just for the family, but also for stag and hen parties, youth groups and backpackers, and lodging and hotel food and entertainment options do not disappoint.

Great Food

You can expect both quiet and sophisticated, and light-hearted and casual eating places wherever you go to Newcastle.

It has a large harbor area with a park behind the river shore for quiet relaxation. The wharves host a plethora of bars, restaurants, and cafes and you will find the freshest seafood dishes here. Walking further into the city from Newcastle harbor, you will come across numerous other restaurants, both British and multicultural. Derby and Beaumont’s Streets are the dining hotspots of Newcastle and there are delicious cuisines and entertainment options found here.

Legendary Nightlife

Newcastle is one of the top 10 nightspots in the world. A buzzing place by night, you can expect excitement, thrills and delirious fun on your Weekend in Newcastle. For the same reason, Newcastle is also a popular stag and hen weekend destination.

The Quayside and the Big Market is traditionally the place to look for drinking establishments. However, new areas have emerged too, namely the Gay Village in west Newcastle that is also a fantastic venue for hen parties. Other pubs, bars, and nightclubs are concentrated in Newcastle’s shopping districts and most tourist areas in the city.

Surfing Culture

Expect to indulge in some great water sports on your Weekend in Newcastle. Thanks to rolling waves and good wind conditions, the Newcastle Beach makes for great coastal breaks. It is also the home of the annual competition.

The Nobby’s Beach is a sheltered part of the main beach, and on a windy day, is great for surfing. You will enjoy your walk to the lighthouse on the beach and then to Nobby’s Island. The Bar and Meriweather Beaches on far south are great for surfing and swimming.

Cultural Tourism

No Weekend in Newcastle is complete without a tour of the many historical sites in the city. The New Castle railway Station, the old Customs House, and the Fort Scratchley are the most famous of Newcastle’s historical architecture.

The Newcastle Famous Tram, a replica of the old trams, gives a 45-minute tour of the city and runs out to the Hunter Valley. From Hunter Valley and Lake Macquarie, you can go up to the Mt. Sugarloaf for a view of the city.